COMM 2511

What is COMM 2511?

I was enrolled in Visual Communication and Design in the autumn semester of 2017. This was one of the first design courses I had taken during my college career. I took what I was taught in lecture and applied in different media forms. These images are completed projects that we assigned throughout the semester. Each project helped me become more familiar with Adobe Photoshop, real world design applications, and constructive criticism.  Since this was the first time I was working in design and specifically Photoshop, I struggled during some points of the course. The lecture material and course assignments created a foundation of creating design materials and media that communicates a clear message to a targeted audience.

Design Projects

This is the first assignment I completed, it is also my favorite one. It is titled “About Me”.  I struggled with this one for days on end and love how it turned out. It illustrates my passions; my golden doddle, cacti, livestock, and the occasional cold beer!

As you can see there are no images in this picture. Everything was created with Photoshop , which was hard for me to do. I am a very visual person, so to successfully communicate with my audience I had to take a step back and look from a different point of view.

I love to shoot my bow and used it as inspiration for a make believe archery business. I used the shape tool to create the arrow and color to make it pop. The colors are representing the outdoors, green for the forage around us and blue for the big blue sky.

This is another make believe company that sells livestock pharmaceuticals. This is a photo I took and wanted to implement into the design. The goat in the advertisement is the drive behind the company and the overall purpose.