Publication Design and Production

I took this course through the College of Food Agriculture & Environmental Sciences in their communications department.  This was very similar to Comm 2511, which I also took last fall. We designed in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, and created media for assigned projects in the applications. This course was focused around agriculture which made it easy to connect with and fun to create different media.

Design Projects

This is an advertisement that I made in Photoshop for Trueman Farms. I created the logo in the bottom right hand corner as well. I choose these colors because there are normally associated with winner first place or a championship ribbon. Because of the poor picture quality it is challenging to get the experience the targeted audience did.

Pictured above is a brochure I made for Trueman Farms, which was my personal client throughout the semester. I made this in InDesign which is an application I have never used before. The logo and the image are the same and the advertisement to create brand recognition.

Our final project was a brand guide for the company or business we selected. It was a collection of all the design choices I made and a brief of each piece, a logo, advertisement, and brochure.